Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Re-launching Instagram Blog ...

What I mean by 're-launch' is more me re-committing to this blog, and everything that comes with it. I know I have said this a lot in previous posts and in my updates on life posts etc and I haven't actually carried it out. But now I am in more of a position to be able to commit to this, and I have rediscovered my interest in blogging and Instagram as well, so it is now something that I feel I can do - for me, because I enjoy doing it. 

If you check out my Instagram estiloefashion, you will be able to see that in the past few days I have posted a lot more frequently than I have over the past few months. I do not intend this to stop. As I mentioned before, it is something that I enjoy doing and it has become a hobby for me. Obviously there will be a few days where I don't post as often as I could, but this will be due to the fact that I will be working, but I know that when I can, I will be posting. It is the same with this blog. I have a few ideas for posts that I want to be uploading over the next few weeks - ones that will coincide with my Instagram. So things about my nightly routine, my skincare routine, my everyday makeup routine etc.. All of these will be uploaded within the next few weeks. 

I'm excited about getting back into this hobby and I hope that whoever reads this will enjoy reading what I write as well. 

You'll be hearing from me again very soon!


Estilo e Fashion x

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Another Small Update On Life ... (Not Very Interesting But Probably Necessary) ...

Apparantly the last time I wrote a blog post for this blog was August. Well, now it is December and I am absolutely ashamed of myself for letting it go on that long without me spending any time on my blog. This will not be happening again. 

The whole point of this post is to - much like the last one - just to update everyone on where I am in life; as it is very different to the expectations that I highlighted in the last post. Currently, I am laid out on my sofa with my laptop writing this, whilst wrapped up in my over sized fur coat that I purchased from Next this time last year. I am poorly; suffering from a sore throat and a lost voice, thus I have the next 3 days off from both of my jobs and in this time I have decided that I am going to get back on track with this blog. 

So this post is just a short one to establish where I am, before I continue to write about everything Fashion and Beauty related. I am also thinking to extend this blog into covering Lifestyle, as well as Fashion and Beauty. I'll explain all this in another post that will follow later today. 

I think in my last post I mentioned that I was going back to College here in Chester to study Level 2 Beauty Therapy. That; unfortunately, has had to be put on hold for a year, but I am definitely planning on going to do that in September 2015. The reason that didn't fall through for this year was due to financial reasons, but I know that in a years time I will be better off and will be happier to do it then having waited. It will be worth it for sure! So right now, and since August, I have managed to get myself a full time job at the Pub that I was working at before alongside Next, whilst still working Part Time in Next every Saturday. So I have the best of both worlds and the means to actually save up for my future. 

I am loving working both jobs and I am so happy that I can just take this year and until September out to just work and save up. Life is good and I'm happy, I am learning a lot and meeting new people and being able to still spend time with everyone I love. 

So that's me guys. That's where I am up to so far. I hope this short post just gives the insight needed into my life at the moment and fills in any gaps between my last post and the posts that are to follow this which thankfully I now have the time to write. 

Estilo e Fashion is back!

I'm looking forward to re-launching and writing this blog. To keep up to date with me check out the following:

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Te Amo

Estilo e Fashion x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Just a Small Update on Life...

Hello everyone!

This post is going to be slightly different to my other posts, in a sense that it is not a review on any products that I have used, or is not specifically about any brands, items, techniques or anything that I have done Fashion and Beauty related. Rather, this is going to be a short (relatively) update on what is going on in my life now that I have finished University, and due to what I am hoping to do, it is Beauty related and so I thought it would be good for me to share!

For those who do not know, or have not realised; for the past year and a half now, I have developed a passion and interest in things Fashion and Beauty related. Hence the purpose of this Blog. For those of you who have known me a long time, and over the past year and half, you will be very aware of how I was before I am now. I was never really bothered about things like the way that I dressed, the way that I looked, whether I wore make up or not, how my hair was etc, and to an extent, I'm still not all that bothered, in a sense of it is not the be all and end all to me. However, saying that, I am definitely more interested in these things more now, and I do take the time and effort in my appearance. Now, please do not get me wrong, I am by no means and in any way saying that appearance is everything and I am in no means trying to be a shallow person in that sense. I am a firm believer in encouraging people in believing how beautiful they are as people and I believe that beauty is on the inside and it is about who the person is and what is in their heart. I mean that and I stand by that and always will. That is what is important, and that is all that matters. So please don't get me wrong when I talk about the outside appearance and beauty and makeup etc. When I talk about all these things, it is purely about the passion and interest that I have in them, and how I enjoy this 'art', and how it works and applies to me.

My on going interest has developed from working in retail; being around clothes all the time, matching and selling outfits, I have just become more aware of Fashion. Putting an outfit together now doesn't seem as difficult as it used to be, and I am not afraid to take risks anymore. This is the same with Make Up. I never used to wear it like I do now, partly because I was just brought up to not be concerned with it, and I just didn't really know how to wear it either. When I did wear it, it was nothing special, maybe a bit of eyeliner and mascara and the occasional lipgloss. That would be all. Now, however, I have learned how to wear makeup, self taught, and my every day routine consists of much more than those three items. However, I know my make up is never over the top and I know how to create a range of looks; from everyday-minimal makeup to full on going -on-a-night-out looks. Disclaimer: I am by no means a Make Up artist nor am I a professional, I am just self taught and this has come with a lot of patience, practice, and not being afraid to experiment.

This combination of "Fashion and Beauty" becoming a part of my life over the past year and a half enabled me to realise what it was that I wanted to do with my life. The issue was that it was half way through my University degree that I had this realisation. So at the time I wasn't really able to do much about it. However; now that I have finished, I feel that it is something that I can finally pursue, and that is what I am going to do.

On Friday I have an admissions interview at West Cheshire College to study Level 2 Beauty Therapy. This course claims to give me a 'thorough grounding in a wide range of treatments such as facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, eye treatments and make-up' and it is something that I really hope I can get a place on, and cannot wait to get started with. My thoughts are to eventually have my own beauty salon and, although this is a big aim and is only more of a dream right now, I think if I work really hard and have a recognised qualification in this, it may actually be doable. Being self taught, and not really having any specific training, I thought it would be best, and an amazing opportunity to do a course in this, not just for the sake of a qualification, but to actually learn and gain the skills that I would need to start a career in this. It would just be perfect to broaden my horizens and I am just so excited to learn all these things.

Alongside doing this, I am hoping to continue with this blog and posting on a more regular basis (I know I say this a lot), establishing myself as a Fashion and Beauty Blogger. So, if there are any specific things people want me to write about, Fashion and Beauty related, then please do get in touch!

So this is where I am in life up to this moment in time. If any of you are like me and share the same passion then also feel free to get in touch! You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and my email. The details are down below.

Also check out the West Cheshire College website for more information about the course if you are interested:


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Love always,

Estilo e Fashion x

Monday, 28 July 2014

First Ever Attempt at Doing Someone Else's Make Up...

Today I did someone else's make up for the first time ever! This is my baby sister. Isn't she a stunner?!

Details on the products that I used to create this look are down below and all of these images with the information will be available on my Instagram over the next few days.

 Primer: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Clear £7.99
Concealer: Lasting Perfection Concealer in the shade Cool Medium £4.19
BB Cream: Rimmel BB Cream 9 - in - 1 in the shade Medium £6.99
Contour: Sleek Face Contour Kit in the shade Light £9.99
Highlight: Benefit Sun Beam Highlighter £19.50
Brows: Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil £10.00
Eyes: Collection Work The Colour Eye Shadow Palette in the shade Brown **This product I could no longer find available online but I am sure it is still available in most drug stores and is around £4.99 if I remember correctly! (Apologies if not) **
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Black £7.99
LOreal Paris Million Lashes So Couture Mascara in Black £7.99
Lips: Sleek Lipstick True Colour in the shade Cherry £4.99

All of the above products are very affordable and can be found in most drug stores, for example Super Drug or Boots, and are all items that I would absolutely recommend for anyone who is looking for good quality make up on a tighter budget. The only high end item on this list would be the Benefit Sun Beam Highlighter as this was slightly more expensive, but definitely worth it, in my opinion!

I know this is a slightly different post as to what I would usually write, however I do hope that it is straight to the point and gives all the relevant information. All of the prices above should be roughly correct give or take depending on the different prices offered by the two different drug stores, but they should be roughly the same as they are the same products available on both stores after all. 

If you like this post and would like to keep up to date with my latest fashion and beauty trends, finds, must haves etc, then don't hesitate to contact me, and/or follow me on Twitter and Instagram! 

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Eternal love,

Estilo e Fashion x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

First Favourites...

Today I attempted to film my first video for YouTube. When I say my 'first', I mean the first one that will hopefully be successfully uploaded. I did film and try to upload one which I was very very happy with after editing a few weeks ago, however I was unsuccessful in uploading it. This is probably due to the very basic and not very good software I have and the fact that I probably don't really know how to use it properly. So upon being very frustrated about this, I wiped everything clean on my cameras and thought that I would just simply try again sometime in the future. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the 'future' occurred today, as I had a little bit of time alone in the house to film without any other distractions! I haven't actually edited or uploaded the video yet, so I do not actually know if it will work when it comes to uploading onto YouTube. Of course I am hoping that it works and that by tomorrow my first ever YouTube video will be online for people to watch, however I am very aware that this attempt could be as unsuccessful as the previous attempt. If this is the case then I am begging someone, anyone, to help me!

The video that I filmed earlier today is simply a Favourites video. As everyone I watch on YouTube tend to film 'Monthly Favourites' videos of any items and products that they have found and used and really liked in that month, I thought a similar video would be a good place to start for a first video. However, I am not calling it a 'Monthly Favourites' video due to the fact that all of the products that I chose to use this time round are products that I have had and have been using over a longer time period than just this month - products that I have had and been using for the past four or five months now - hence the chosen title of just simply 'Favourites' video.

I have decided to write a post for this blog in collaboration with any video that I post in the future, and so naturally this 'First Favourites' post is to collaborate with the video that I will hopefully later be able to upload after editing.

So for this video, I chose five products that I would class as a 'favourite' and I filmed myself talking about them and discussing what I liked about them and where they can be purchased, kind of like a short review. I only chose five items because I wanted to keep it relatively short just as it is my first video, but at the same time it allowed for a decent time of footage that isn't too much. I think I am naturally quite nervous and I think that this shows on the video, but as I get used to being in front of the camera I think I relax a little, at least it felt like I did. I am aware that it may take me a little bit of time to get comfortable in front of the camera but I know that if I stick to it and really commit myself to YouTube then I will get there eventually. So I am appreciative of any audience I have bearing with me, and understanding that I am just starting out, but I will get there!

So without any further adieu, and in no particular order, here are the five products featured in my video...

Lipsticks from the YSL Rouge Volupte and Rouge Volupte Shine ranges.
These are my most favourite lipsticks ever and I don't think it is difficult to tell why. The packaging itself is just beautiful but not only that! The colours are just to die for and they are so easy to apply, so so creamy and they stay on your lips a very long time. It is rare that I have to re-apply with these lipsticks!
Lipsticks by MAC
I don't think I know any girl who has not heard of MAC and has not used a lipstick by MAC. I absolutely adore these lipsticks and they are what I would usually wear on an everyday basis, rather than something that I would treat myself to as the YSL lipsticks are. Definitely an everyday lip essential!

Hydrating Macadamia Oil by Organix
This is a hair product that I have been using over the past two or three months and I definitely could not be without this now. I apply a small amount after every wash to my hair and it leaves it feeling very soft and smelling great. It does not make my hair greasy like I have found Argan Oil does, so I am very pleased with this hair product and I do prefer it as a hair treatment over Argan Oil.

They're Real Mascara by Benefit
This mascara is one that was raved about by everyone and so it wasn't long before I caved and felt the need to try this product out for myself. Needless to say I definitely understand what all the rave was about and I agree with all the good things that everyone was saying about this product. It is definitely my favourite mascara and one of the best that is out there right now. Although not exactly pricey, but not exactly cheap either, I would say that this product is definitely worth the money. 

Three-Step Skin Clearing Treatment from The Body Shop
I bought these three products in a set that was worth £18 but instead I paid £13 and I am so so glad that I got this. It has treated my skin and helped clear it massively and I would definitely recommend these to anyone who is worried about their skin and wants a cheap and affordable way to treat it. Before this I was using the Three-Step Anti-Blemish Kit by Clinique and although being very happy with their products, it is a little pricey and so these that are offered by The Body Shop are a much cheaper and more affordable option and I have found do just as good as job as the Clinique one. 

True Match Foundation by Loreal and the Repairwear Anti-Aging Foundation by Clinique
I use both of these foundations on a regular basis - one being a more high end foundation than the other, but both of them I equally love. The True Match one by Loreal is one that I would use on a regular day to day basis and is very affordable with medium coverage, best used with a setting powder. The Repairwear Foundation  by Clinique is a more expensive foundation with a fuller coverage and so is one that I would wear on nights out or if I know that I am going to be doing something that is going to impress someone, for example job interviews or even just for work.

All of these items that I have shown above are products that are featured in my Favourites video and in that I have gone into a lot more detail about the products than I have here. But this just gives a general overview of what that video is and what is in it.

I do hope to be doing a lot more of both blogging and more videos in the near future and I am hoping that my channel really does take off.

If you want to check it out then please do! Hopefully you will like and subscribe and help in getting this channel out there. For more information and to see more of what I do, what I wear, what I am about etc, please follow me on Twitter and on Instagram, or even drop me an email if you wish!

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I really hope you enjoy reading this post and I hope to be hearing more from any of you who reads this blog in the future.

All my love.

Estilo e Fashion x


Monday, 23 June 2014

A Weekend Back At Home and A Few Treats To Try Out...

This weekend I went back to the beautiful county of Yorkshire to visit my parents who live in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. I went back as my Uncle and his family were visiting us from Singapore and it is very rare that we get to see them. So it was a nice trip back. Short, but sweet. Considering how rare it is that I actually go back to the homeland, it does make me realise and appreciate how special it is to see and to spend time with my family. I was only supposed to be there for one night - Saturday - however; I haven't been very well over the past few days and so my parents very kindly let me stay for another night, and so I was able to spend a little bit of extra time with them, which was very nice - despite sleeping for the majority of today! I was, however, able to go shopping earlier with my dad and he bought me a few goodies. What a guy!

So over the weekend, as well as today, I have managed to accumulate quite a few beauty and skin care products from my wonderfully generous family. Some of them are products that I have already tried out and have been using for a while now, and have run out and needed to replace them, whereas others are products that I have heard lots about due to them being so raved about and I have thus been convinced that I have absolutely needed them for a fair few months now. And now I have finally got my hands on them, courtesy of my fantastic parents. So, here they are...

I will write brief reviews of the items that I have already used later in this post, but I will do a separate review post of all of these and more items in the next few days. These are the items that I have managed to get hold of whilst at home. They are products that you can actually get from most drug stores and/ or supermarkets, so nothing here is too pricey. All of these items are actually very affordable :)

Pictured here is (from right to left)  is the "Mega" Shampoo and Conditioner by Aussie, the "Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer" by Collection, the "Apricot Blemish Fighting" Scrub by St Ives, the "Argan Oil Night Repair Serum" and "Argan Oil Hair Treatment" and finally the "Archery Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil" by Soap and Glory. I can't remember the exact prices of each of these individual items but I will find this out and the next blog post I write will be a special review of these items and more, as I mentioned before, and that will be up in the next few days.

I am so blessed to have parents who happily funded my beauty regime this time round. Thankfully I didn't need as many products as I usually seem to need, and thankfully they have topped me up to last me another while. So thank you to them - you - if you are reading this.

This is the first blog post I have managed to write in quite a few weeks now, and I don't plan on going this long again without blogging. Quite the opposite actually, as I hope to blog a lot more now that I have the time to with Uni being finished forever. So, although this post has been a bit brief and a bit, well, all over the place, I hope that anyone who reads this enjoys it - and I hope it gives you a little bit of insight and flavour as to what is to come.

In the meantime, to keep up to date with me and what I do, what I wear, my skincare and beauty routines etc, follow my Instagram and Twitter and be sure to say hello! :)

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Lots of Love!

Estilo e Fashion x

Monday, 21 April 2014

Working Out And How This Benefits Me...

Working out is something that I have always gone through phases with, each time having a sort of temporary obsession with my body, how it looks, and how much I feel I may need to get in shape. Now, please don't get me wrong, I am a strong believer in loving yourself and loving your body, and being happy with your body - after all, every one is unique, everyone is beautiful, and everyone should love themselves. But I do know and understand how people may find this difficult. All I can suggest is find something that works for YOU, and don't care about what other people may think of you. Your body is YOURS and yours alone, therefore it should please only you. Whatever that may mean for you. For me, this has always meant that I am toned up, and able to keep up with things and to generally be                                                     healthy. 

So about a month ago I joined Total Fitness and just over 2 weeks ago, I started working out and exercising. I do this both at the gym and also from home; that way if there is a day when I know there is no chance I will make it to the gym due to work or uni, I still get a workout. I tend to do 2-3 days in a row where I will exercise, and then have a day rest and then go again with the 2-3 days working out. And after just 2 weeks I have actually noticed a difference! Not only do I feel much better about myself and within myself, in every way, I have noticed a difference physically. My stomach has tightened up and my legs and arms appear to be toning up nicely as well. I still feel I have a long way to go until I am fully satisfied, but at least I know this is working for me!

This has not all just been happening because I have been doing more exercising - although it is obviously a key thing. But I have also changed my eating habits. I still eat everything I want to eat; chocolate, sweets, etc, but I have just started to cut back ever so slightly so that they are not the main things that I eat, like I used to. Now, as I said, I still eat those - which is great - but I also eat everything else too; Meats, Proteins, Carbs, Fats, Sugars, Fruits etc... everything, but in a more balanced way. Everything in moderation. Instead of just consuming and focusing on one. The truth is, your body needs a bit of everything! So I'm giving it a bit of everything, and burning off the calories on working off the things that are no good.

I have to say, my favourite new part of my changed diet and fitness lifestyle is the smoothies! My mum bought me a blender a few months back. It is just a simple, cheap one from Asda, and I love it! It is great for just blending a load of fruit, fruit juices and yoghurt together to make a simple, healthy snack.

I am absolutely loving my new routine that I have got into, and I plan on keeping it up for as long as I can. The main reason I wanted to start doing this was to tone up again - I used to be really toned - for when I get my next tattoo, as it is going to be quite a big one and so I want it to fit my body really well, but I want my body to look good and in shape for the tattoo to fit really well. That is the primary reason I wanted to exercise and tone up again, however just from spending two weeks doing it and already seeing some differences and feeling some changes, I feel this is something that is just a good thing for me to do generally. And hopefully is something that I can keep up in order to maintain my figure and my balanced fitness routine and lifestyle.

It is definitely something I would encourage every one to do - however, only do it for reasons that are for YOU. Reasons that will make YOU happy and that will satisfy YOU.

Remember, your body is YOURS and you are all unique and beautiful. Do what makes you happy.

If you want to keep up to date with what I get up to and what products I use, outfits I wear, diet and fitness routines I follow etc, then check out and follow my Instagram! I only get a chance to sit down and write a blog once every few weeks or so for now, until I finish my degree, then I plan to throw myself into blogging and I am even hoping to launch my YouTube channel in June once Uni is finished and exams are all done. So for now my Instagram is the most up to date way of keeping up with me.
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Love always!

Estilo e Fashion x